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Hey, my name is haley, I've been playing drums for 9 years, I sell drums at guitar center, and I have a huge passion for drums. I've learned so much in the last few months, and I figured I make a blog about it. my favorite brand of drums is probably truth or dw. cymbals, paiste and zildjian.

life-swallower: You're probably better shelling out a little better and getting the 5000 pedal. It's much higher quality and will last whereas the 3000 is more of an entry level thing

I know, I just really like the feel, and if you get the tension right it’s perfect for me. I’m sure the 5000 is nice too, I mean if I was going to get the 5000 I would just upgrade to the 9000. if I can get the tension perfecton the 3000 why spend the extra money you know?

Posted: 1 year ago

K Custom Hybrid Crash. 
Gretsch Renown maple Kit

Proud of this one! (:Various Cruelties - Chemicals 

You rock!